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That’s right ladies - you only get one body.
Respect it by eating well.
Love it by thinking and saying nice things.
Make it better by hitting the gym!

That’s right ladies - you only get one body.

Respect it by eating well.

Love it by thinking and saying nice things.

Make it better by hitting the gym!

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Various plants (in no particular order) that you can regrow from the food you already have! What a great way to eat more veggies, be eco friendly and clean-up your air by bringing your garden indoors.  Happy growing!

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Perfect way to get into shape before spring!  Easy circuit you can do with no equipment, any where, any time!  Work up to 5 circuits, and add additional core work for an awesome workout! 

Make your fitness goals come true this year!

Start by making 3 - 5 specific, concrete goals. 

Make an action plan comprised of the steps you’re going to take in order to achieve each goal. 

Break large goals (such as losing 20+ pounds) into smaller chunks by setting a specific behavior change for each month (ie. January eat at least two fruits per day, Feb. reduce sugary treats to two per week, etc.).

Choose a support person, website, etc. to help you stay on track through out the year.

Look forward to a fitter, healthier you in 2013!

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Sometimes a little tough love goes a long way!  Put the chips/brownie/chocolate/ice cream down! 

Everyone needs a treat once in awhile, just make sure you don’t end up eating too many in one day!

100 calorie cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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Water Bottle Ice Tray

Now there’s an easier way to fit ice into your water bottle. Innovative ice trays create long, stick-shaped ice cubes that slide right inside bottled beverages!

Sold on Fresh Finds.

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Great reminder that the best way to keep your results coming and your motivation high is to constantly mix up your workouts.  Three tips for keeping your workouts fresh:

1)  Don’t be afraid to try new things. 

Most fitness classes have a drop in option, so you can try a new class each week!  Stick with the ones you like for 6 - 8 sessions, and then move on if they start feeling repetitive.

2)  Creative Cardio

Mix up workouts based on speed and resistance to keep your cardio burning max calories.  For example, once a week add 1 min speed bursts to your walk or jog.  Once a week seek out particularly hilly terrain or do a resistance based workout on the elliptical.  For your third cardio session combine strength and cardio by alternating 2 - 4 strength exercises with 2 - 5 minutes of cardio.  I dare you to get bored!

3)  Buy one new fitness DVD every month

There’s no excuse not to workout when all you need to do is pop in a DVD!  Seek out new and creative ways to workout by purchasing at least one workout DVD each week.  Look for workouts you normally wouldn’t do such as a ballet sculpt, cardio dance, yoga fusion or anything else which seems like something you wouldn’t “normally” do.  Check out for reviews and in-depth break downs of what to expect. 

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10 great functional exercises for women.  Add these into your routine to spice things up and take your fitness to the next level!

Yummy (and healthy) breakfast peach cobbler! 

I would swap out the cereal for gluten free oats to further lower the glycemic load.  Adding 1/2 a carton of chobani yogurt would add 8 g of protein and 70 calories, or eat with a hard boiled egg for a little protein boost. 

Guess how many calories are in these tiny slivers of pie?  200 calories in EACH tiny slice!  It would take the average 150 lb. woman running two miles, running stairs for 18 minutes, strength training for 40 minutes or taking a 30 minute cardio class just to burn off one of these tiny slices.  Make sure it’s worth it before you indulge this holiday season!

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